The 8 Small TV Room Ideas That Balance Style with Functionality

The 8 Small TV Room Ideas That Balance Style with Functionality Introduction: If you have a small space, you know that it’s tough to find ways to maximize its use. A good television room can …

The 8 Small TV Room Ideas That Balance Style with Functionality

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If you have a small space, you know that it’s tough to find ways to maximize its use. A good television room can make the difference between feeling like you’re living in a tent and feeling like you have some breathing room. It’s also important to consider how the furniture will work together with your other pieces so that they don’t clash with one another or make the space feel overcrowded. When it comes down to it, having a great TV room doesn’t happen overnight—it takes time and thoughtfulness on behalf of both designers and homeowners alike!

Work the walls.

Wall-mounted televisions are a great way to display your favorite artwork, photos, and more. You can also use them to hang up things like plaques or trophies that you’d like to remember having won. If you’re looking for a more traditional look, consider hanging pictures on the wall behind your TV with hooks instead of nails or thumbtacks (which will damage the surface).

If space is limited in your living room but still want some visual appeal when watching television on the big screen in front of you, consider using something other than standard wallpaper—like vinyl wallpaper by [company name]. This type of material has been used as decorative accents since its invention during WWII; now many homeowners use it as an alternative form factor for their walls because it’s easy to install and attractive without being too bold or distracting from what’s happening elsewhere around them.

Use a media console.

If you want to use your TV room as a media-focused space, then it’s important to make sure that the furniture is functional and versatile. A good example of this is using a media console as opposed to just placing all your devices on top of one big piece of furniture. You can use them as storage for books or knick-knacks, but they also make for great coffee tables when paired with some decorative pillows.

The best way to get started with creating an attractive TV room is by thinking about what kind of style you’re going for—and then finding out how much money you have available!

Hang it on a wall.

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Hang it.

It’s been said that the best place to hang your TV is on the wall, not the floor, ceiling, or table. This lets you enjoy your big screen without getting in the way of other people who want to use their electronics too. If you do choose to hang it on a wall and not just leave it in its box (which we all know is what most people do), make sure that you don’t block any doors or windows with wires running through them—and make sure there aren’t any power outlets within five feet of where you’re planning on hanging up your new piece of entertainment center hardware so they don’t interfere with anything else going on around them either!

Create a workhorse of a living room.

If you’re looking for something a little more practical and work-oriented, consider adding a small table or desk. This will allow you to set up your laptop, printer, and scanner in one place so that those items aren’t cluttered on the floor. If space is an issue, try using the coffee table as a stand for these items instead of placing them on top of it!

You might also want to consider getting an office chair from Ikea (or a similar store) that can double as extra seating when needed. Finally, if there isn’t enough room near your tv stand then try adding some filing cabinets nearby so that everything stays organized throughout your home!

Create the ultimate small-space home theater.

If you want to create the ultimate small-space home theater, look no further than your TV room.

Here are some ideas:

  • Use a projector. Projectors have been around since the invention of projection in 1923 and they continue to be one of the most popular ways to watch movies at home today. They’re small enough that they can fit in just about any space, making them ideal for creating a modern-looking room without taking up much floor space or using up valuable real estate on your walls or ceilings (like soundbars). Plus they’ll make sure every inch of wall space is utilized by projecting onto it from above!
  • Use an audio system with surround sound capabilities — like this one from Sonos — so that everyone has great quality audio throughout their listening experience.

Bring in multipurpose furniture pieces.

In addition to the TV, you’ll want to bring in multipurpose furniture pieces. This can be as simple as using a sofa that converts into a bed, or a table that converts into a desk. You might also consider using coffee tables as dining tables; benches and chairs can be used for lounging around the house or even sleeping on!

Try an unconventional setup.

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  • If you have a large room and want to keep things simple, try using a corner of the room. You can still use your TV as an entertainment center by placing it on top of shelves or cabinets that are placed along one wall.
  • Wall-mounted TVs are also popular for small spaces because they’re low-profile, which means they won’t take up much space at all. They also don’t require any permanent mounting hardware like stands do so if you ever decide to sell your home in future years (or move somewhere new), these types of TVs will be easy to remove from their mounts without any damage being done during removal!
  • If there isn’t enough room in one corner for both components then consider adding another piece like this stand-alone unit from VIZIO that has plenty of storage space underneath its hooded lid!

Maximize seating space using ottomans and benches instead of sofas and chairs.

In addition to being a good way to add seating and storage, ottomans and benches can also be used as conversation areas. They’re not just for sitting on! You can use them in place of sofas and chairs as well, creating lounge areas that are comfortable and inviting. If you have an area where you want people who aren’t familiar with your home style or décor to feel at home (like if guests will be coming over), consider adding some small seating options such as these:

  • Ottomans
  • Benches

You can create a great TV room, no matter how small the space is

If you’re looking to create a great TV room, no matter how small the space is, these ideas will help.

  • Use the space wisely. You want your furniture and decorations to work together in harmony without making it feel crowded or busy.
  • Don’t be afraid to use color in addition to black and white—it can add life and personality!
  • Don’t be afraid of mixing up styles: If the pieces are all from different eras, why not? There’s nothing wrong with having an old piece next to something new or vice versa; it just depends on what works best for each room’s aesthetic (and budget).


With these eight great ideas, you can create a space that suits your needs and lifestyle. If you’re feeling stuck, try out one or two of these and see what works for your space. Then add more if necessary!

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